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STUD Removers



Unlike ALL the other companies that have Stud Extraction Tools on the market.... IDT does ONE thing and only ONE thing....We Research, We Develop,We Manufacture....Stud Extraction and Insertion Tools.

Pretty simple, HUH!
We spend all day here testing different ways to remove studs, while minimizing harm to the threaded housing, equipment, or the studs; in the most efficient and cost effective manner. We are constantly researching and testing every method in the realm of physics....for the best method of extraction and insertion of studs. We have tapped the best minds in the field available, YOU the field experts, as our guide, in our quest to develop and manufacture the BEST  Stud Extraction & Insertion Tool available in the market today!

We ARE the EXPERTS....Why look anywhere else!

We have worked in the light and heavy industrial sector for most of our lives. We have done the maintenance. We have faced the problems of stud extraction and insertion countless times. We always figured....
"There must be a better way!"
Now there is!